Teaching Activities

Siona Benjamin

Teaching at Trinity College, Hartford (CT)

"Contemporary Asian Artists in the Diaspora:
Art Awareness with a Multicultural Emphasis"

Studio Arts Program, Special Issues: Asian Art Seminar (STAR 383-05), Spring 2003

In this class we explore the work and influences of artists who were born and raised in Asia, but now live in the West.  They are often inspired by ancient traditions, but they create contemporary art, here and now.  We learn how they link old and new, and how they live the transistion through the act of immigration.

Click here to view example of student work.

"Drawing I"

Studio Arts Program (STAR 121-02), Spring 2003

This studio class is an introduction to the fundamentals of drawing.

Artist Residencies Funded by the Illinois Arts Council

Selected Examples:

View example from Unity Point School

View second example from Unity Point School

View example from Marquette School

View example from Pinckneyville High School

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