Torah Ark commission - New York 2009
The Torah ark is known in Hebrew as the Aron Kodesh by the Ashkenazim and as the Hekhál amongst most Sefardim. It is generally a receptacle, or ornamental closet, which contains the synagogue's Torah scrolls (the Five Books of Moses).

After having read about Betzalel’s Ark (excerpts from “Legends of the Bible” by Louis Ginzberg), I wanted to incorporate some of the original iconography in my Torah Ark. I also wanted to make an ark influenced by my Indian Jewish background and upbringing. I looked at Indian and Iranian sepher torah cases and designs and also Jewish synagogues in Morocco. These places had an oriental mystique, ornamentation and color. I researched beautiful Moroccan synagogue photos. The peacock green color of these synagogues and the onion dome shapes in the architecture inspired me.

The velvet and silver Sepher Torahs of my Bombay synagogues also served as inspiration for the shape of my Torah Ark. My cherubim are angels named “Fereshteh” that bring the fire of hope and courage. My mother’s Shabbat lamp that she lit every Friday made with oil and wick, which burned all night into the morning in our Bombay home, is this same fire. My ark sits on a “celestial throne” or table and perfumed myrrh and frankincense comes from the water lilies within the Arabian oceans of my childhood.

Esther scroll (megillah) commission for private art dealer - New York - Size of scroll: 11.5 inches x 15 feet
Limited edition prints of the scroll are available for sale printed with archival inks. The edition will be signed and numbered by the artist. Questions please contact: or call: 973-783-3445.

The original Book of Esther is one of the books of the Ketuvim (Writings) of the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) and of the Historical Books of the Old Testament. The Book of Esther or the Megillah is the basis for the Jewish celebration of the festival of Purim. I am commissioned to paint the megillah using influences from Indian and Mughal miniature painting. I am also using iconography from my own paintings to make a unique and personal megillat Esther.

full scroll

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